We do not perform or refer for abortions. 

About Us

All of our services are provided without regard to race, religion, income, or decision and are free and confidential.

"Little did I know that when I came to AbbaCare for one simple test I would gain a whole support system."

"I was comfortable talking about my life and decision.  Thank you for being understanding."

"If I had not come to AbbaCare, I am honestly not sure what my life would be like.  I never felt pushed, and they gave me information and support."

"The pregnancy and parenting information were excellent."

"I very unexpectedly found out I was pregnant. I felt overwhelmed, unsure and scared of what the future would look like. I knew  their care and concern was genuine, and they wanted the best for my life." 

What our clients say 

AbbaCare is a free medical pregnancy resource center that has served women in the Winchester area since 1988.   Our free services include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STD/STI testing and treatment (for women and men). And because our services are free of charge, we never profit from any choice you make.  

Your free appointment includes a one-on-one consultation with one of our nurses.  Don't be nervous; this is a time set aside just for you!  Feel free to ask her anything and to be honest about your concerns.  No judgment.  Just answers.

Call for your free appointment:  540-665-9660.