Don’t  run and hide.  You have responsibilities. 

Don’t pressure her.
  You're a team.  You both need to think this through together.

Don't be silent or uninvolved.  It's your right and your responsibility to be a part of your unborn baby's life.

Don't let your fear of the unknown overwhelm you.
 ​It's always scary when plans suddenly change and you're faced with something unexpected.  Talk to us.  We have male counselors who can listen and help.

She's pregnant.  What should I do?

Info for Men

What to do:
What not to do:

The answer to that question is very important.  A baby might be in your future.  You could be a dad!  And who's ready for that? Believe it or not, nearly every man says, "I'm not ready to become a father."  You're not alone in being confused, overwhelmed, and maybe even afraid.  She's probably feeling exactly the same way.  So ... 

If you have questions, we'd like to talk to you.  We offer free, confidential "for men only' peer counseling as well as group educational classes to take the fear out of what's next in your relationship and in your future.   Call AbbaCare at 540-665-9660 or e-mail info@abbacare.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule an appointment.  

How we can help:

 Communicate.  Listen when she talks to you about her choices, and let her know your thoughts and concerns. This situation affects both of you, and it's no time to be silent, to ignore her, or to reject her.  She needs you now more than ever.

Take responsibility.  The life that's growing inside of her is your unborn baby, too.  Ultimately, she will make the choice of what to do about being pregnant, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to or somehow aren't allowed to speak up and offer help and support.   That starts with acknowledging that you had and have a role to play in this situation. 

Educate yourself. Learn about the stages of development that every baby goes through as it grows inside its mother.  Even you and your girlfriend went through these same biological stages when you were developing!  

Seek good advice.  ​You probably have a million questions.  (So does she!)  We can help.  AbbaCare offers confidential,  one-on-one peer counseling as well as group sessions and classes for everything from the first days of pregnancy to the first year of parenting.   Our client advocates are good listeners, and they care about helping you both make good decisions for a great future.  All of our services, including  mentoring and classes, are absolutely free of charge.