Facts About Abortion

Facts About Sexual Health

Facts About Pregnancy
Facts About the Morning-After Pill or the Abortion Pill

• What is the "Morning-After" pill?

• What is the Abortion Pill?

• What are the side affects?

• What are the risks? 

•   How do I know if I am pregnant?

•   What are pregnancy symptoms?

•   How can I get a pregnancy test?

•   How accurate are pregnancy

•   When should I see a doctor?

•   What are my options if I am 

•   What are my risks in being
      sexually active?

•   What are STIs and STDs?

•   How do I prevent them?

•   How do I know if I have one?

•   Who can I talk to if I think I
    have one?


• What are the various abortion

• What are the immediate risks? 

• What are the long term risks?

• How do I get help in recovering
    from an abortion? 

• What other options do I have?

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